Wobble Stool with Non-Slip Bottom


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Wobble Stool with Non-Slip Bottom

This high-quality wobble seat stool is the best choice if you’re looking for stools for your child or class. Children have high energy so they tend to move from here to there when sitting on stools. This stool allows them to swivel and rock in all directions, which helps to strengthen their core muscles and correct their postures. Meanwhile, movements relax the right side of the brain, contributing to better concentration.

It’s also very comfortable to sit for its silicone material cover and sturdy PP material. Its adjustable height suits different ages, convenient to change by pulling the adjusting handle. You may not miss this fantastic wobble seating stool. Come and buy one for your little one now!

  • Adjust It to Meet Various Needs: The adjustable height of this stool is approximately from 42 to 60 cm which suits children over 7 and adults. It’s convenient to use as the stool is fully assembled and the pneumatic rod inside that helps to adjust the stool to a different height. Due to its ergonomic design, you can use it anywhere you want, for instance, classrooms, home, or offices.
  • Non-Slip Silicone Material Bottom: Because of the silicone material made bottom, whose embossing design also increases friction to ensure children’s safety and allows them to sit comfortably in any position. The bottom is also designed to avoid scratching the tile, wood, carpets or other surfaces in your room or a general classroom.
  • Increase Concentration: Continuous and numerous movements when sitting down relaxes the right side of the brain, leading to better concentration. Especially this helps kids who are diagnosed with all forms of ADD, ADHD, and Autism; as it offers them an opportunity to move around without bothering others when have to sit down for a long time.
  • Strengthen Cores and Correct Postures: This wobble stool allows you to rock and swivel in all directions, engaging and training core and back muscles against backache, improving your blood circulation and correcting your posture.
  • Comfortable and Durable Stool: The octagonal-designed seat is engineered for a better sitting experience. This stool has an edgeless seat frame made of PP that is both harmless to human health and environmentally friendly, providing a steady and sturdy structure. Besides, it is covered with silicone material for a cool and comfortable seat.
  • Colour: Green/White/Black
  • Material: PP, silicon gel
  • Product dimensions: 33 cm x 33 cm x 42-60 cm (L x W )
  • Net weight: 5 kg
  • Max loaded weight: 113 kg
Package Includes
  • 1 x Wobble stool

Black, Green, White

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