Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Wash Machine with Built-In Drain Pump


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Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Wash Machine with Built-In Drain Pump

With a clear control panel, you can easily choose laundry modes (soft, standard and drain) and set time (0-15 minutes for washing and 0-5 minutes for spinning). Coming with dual motors, our semi-automatic washer provides you with separate washing tub (8lbs) and spin dryer (5lbs). The washing power is up to 240W and the spinning power reaches 140W. Besides, the machine also has a 79″ drainage hose and a built-in pump with which the overall pumping height reaches 59″ and you can connect the machine with a 39.5″ high washing sink.

  • Dual-Motor System: Featuring powerful dual-motor technology, the 2-in-1 washing machine performs excellent laundry efficiency reflecting in 240W washing power and 120W spinning power. During every laundry work, you can put 3.6 kg clothes in wash tub and 2 kg in spin dryer at once.
  • Separate Timer Control: On the control panel, you can choose 3 modes with the select switch and set operation time with washer timer (0-15 minutes) and spin timer (0-5 minutes). Depending on your requirements, the washing stage and spin dryer can operate separately or at the same time.
  • Powerful Built-In Pump: Pursuing high drainage efficiency, this twin tub washing machine is equipped with a built-in pump with a maximum pumping height of 150cm. Together with a 200cm drainage pipe, the semi-automatic washer can quickly drain dirty water in a short time.
  • Thoughtful Details: Except for practical functions it provided, this 2-in-1 portable washer also offers other thoughtful designs. Top lid with elastic springs is very convenient to open and makes taking out clothes much easier. Also, the bottom storage space for drainpipe achieves neat arrangement and two-way drainage.
  • Diverse Applicability: Its dimension with closed lid is 58 x 36 x 66 cm (L x W x H). As its mini body, this washer and spin dryer is compact enough for apartments, homes, dorms, RVs and more. Without taking up too much space, you just need to put it in the corner.
  • Colour: Black/Grey
  • Material: ABS, PP
  • Rated voltage: 110V
  • Rated frequency: 60Hz
  • Rated input power for washing: 240W
  • Rated input power for spin: 120W
  • Overall dimension (lid closed): 58 x 36 x 66 cm (L x W x H)
  • Overall dimension (lid opened): 58 x 36 x 83 cm (L x W x H)
  • Diameter of washing Tub: 25.5 cm
  • Diameter of spin tub: 19 cm
  • Faucet connection diameter: 2.5 cm
  • Length Of drainage pipe: 200cm
  • Length Of inlet pipe: 133cm
  • Capacity for washing: 3.6kg
  • Capacity for spin: 2kg
  • Net weight: 11kg
Package Includes
  • 1 x Twin tub washing machine
  • 1 x Water drainage hose
  • 1 x Water inlet hose
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Black, Grey

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