5-Layer Design of 4 Sizes Pet Pee pads


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Pet Pee pads with 5-Layer Design of 4 Sizes

These pads provide a whole day’s protection with large coverage on your floor, carpet, suitable to use under the crates, feeding area, potty area, and more. You can use the pee pads to train puppies, look after elder dogs of small sizes, and keep your home tidy and smell-free. If you are looking for pet pee pads like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

  • Powerful Absorption: The dog training pee pad is thickened and quilted with 5 layers, which can quickly absorb pet’s urine. It can also turn liquid into gel instantly to keep floors dry and easy to clean up as well as greatly neutralize the odour.
  • Double Protection Against Potential Leakage: The puppy pad has 2 layers of bibulous paper to absorb the urine, to be more secure, the bottom has extra protection with a PE film to absorb any potential leakage. Your room will be double guaranteed to be clean and neat.
  • Use for More Hours: Not only the bibulous paper is thickened, but also 2 layers for one pad, one at the upper side and the other at the bottom with PE film. This design makes the pad more durable and lasts for a longer time than regular puppy pee pads. You don’t have to change it frequently.
  • Comfortable Surface: Don’t worry about your puppy may be uncomfortable sitting on it. The surface of this pee pad is made of soft-touch non-woven fabric with grind indentation and uniform texture, which is comfortable for pets to step or sit on.
  • Perfect for Training: The disposable pee pads are perfect for Bernese, Great Dane, Labrador, adult or sick dogs, kittens, cats, rabbits, ducks and other pets. Can be used in a variety of situations – indoors, outdoors, car and travelling.
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Non-woven fabrics + bibulous paper + wood pulp + bibulous paper+ PE film
  • Product dimension:
  • Size 1: 60 cm x 42 cm (L x W)
  • Size 2: 60 cm x 90 cm (L x W)
  • Size 3: 75 cm x 75 cm (L x W)
  • Size 4: 75 cm x 90 cm (L x W)
  • Net weight of each pad:
  • Size 1: 22 g
  • Size 2: 45 g
  • Size 3: 50 g
  • Size 4: 60 g
  • Quantity:
  • Size 1: 300
  • Size 2: 150
  • Size 3: 150
  • Size 4: 100
Package Includes
  • 10 x Pet pee pad bag
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5-Layer Design of 4 Sizes Pet Pee pads
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