Gazebo Marquee 3x3m With Window Rectangular Waterproof Gazebo Outdoor Party Tent (Green)


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  • The roof of the garden tent is made of waterproof and high-temperature resistant PE material, which can be used in hot weather to protect you from sunlight.
  • The tent is easy to build, light and stable, and can be easily installed and disassembled without tools.
  • It is not recommended to be used on windy days.
  • Practical, light, and multifunctional pavilion, which can be used in gardens, terraces, beaches, children’s birthday parties, markets, camping, festivals, and shelters.
  • The side walls with transparent windows (fake) provide a bright environment, and the zippers in the middle of both sides close or open the walls.
  • Products include: 8X ground nails; 9X plastic parts; 4X drawstring; enough detachable steel pipes; three waterproof tarpaulins
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