6 Wheels and 2 Loop Handles 2-In-1 Aluminum Hand Truck


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2-In-1 Aluminum Hand Truck with 6 Wheels and 2 Loop Handles

To make your work easier, use the climber hand truck! The climbing cart and dolly are perfect for moving big or heavy things since its strong aluminum alloy offers optimal sturdiness and longevity. Additionally, it features 6 wheels for simple ascending and 2 loop handles for thoughtful grasping. The curved grip makes it easy to navigate the flat terrain. In general, the stair climber performs admirably in commercial settings like warehouses, garages, cargo, etc. Additionally, it is useful when shopping. Finally, we provide you with a comprehensive handbook for quick installation, and regular maintenance is also quite easy.

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame: The hand truck is crafted of superior aluminum alloy, which features lightweight but great sturdiness for a reliable frame. Also, it shows excellent rust resistance to avoid the stair climber being rusty during long-time use. Plus, the solid baseboard acts as a great helper to move oversized or heavy things.
  • 6 Wheels for Climbing: At the bottom, the climbing cart and dolly is equipped with 2 sets of wheels (3 each) to evenly distribute overall pressure. Also, it cleverly utilizes mechanics to make transportation more effortless, mainly reflected in the fact that you just need to use far less than the weight of items to pull the stair climber.
  • Double Loop Handles: The stair climber dolly features 2 loop handles with different orientations, designed for multiple transportation needs. The vertical upward handle allows easy stair climbing and the curved handle is designed for flat grounds. Plus, both have an anti-slip surface, considerate for you to hold.
  • Versatile Application: Since the stair climbing hand truck is fairly strong in moving heavy items, it is applicable to diverse occasions. For industrial needs, it works well in the warehouse, cargo, or garage to move essential plates and machinery. Also, the stair climber is suitable for shopping events.
  • Easy and Quick Assembly: Except for required hardware and panels, the package also includes clear and brief instructions. Thus, you can easily figure out how to assemble a complete hand truck, while the process only takes a short time. After use, its smooth surface only needs simple wiping for maintenance.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, TPR
  • Overall Dimension: 152 x 51 x 45 cm (L x W x H)
  • Max Load Capacity: 250 kg
  • Net Weight: 8 kg
Package Includes
  • 1 x Stair Climbing Hand Truck
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
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 6 Wheels and 2 Loop Handles 2-In-1 Aluminum Hand Truck

Availability: 129 in stock

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