Rotating Tumbling Composter with Single Chamber


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Rotating Tumbling Composter with Single Chamber

This huge compost bin has 2 distinct bins that may exchange continuously for continuous composting. It measures 65 x 54 x 73 cm (L x W x H). And it’s simple to turn each chamber 360 degrees to stir the trash uniformly. Additionally, it has drainage holes and ventilation holes to allow the air to properly circulate and improve the composting process.

The compost container is made of superior PP, which is long-lasting, weatherproof, and durable enough for outdoor use. This compost bin can transform trash into fertilizer soil in 4-6 weeks, which may not only decrease waste and use food waste but also enrich the soil and make your life more environmentally friendly. Do not hold off on purchasing such a product if you are shopping for one.

  • Dual Chamber Design: The compost bin is designed with 2 separate chambers that allow one side is composting while the other side is available to add fresh waste. And there exist sliding doors, thus it is easy to load up huge portions of waste at once ( 2 chambers can load up to 130 L/34.5 gallons of waste).
  • 360° Rotatable Design: 2 chambers can be separately rotated 360°, which can speed up the composting process and there is no need to dig or mix the pile by hand. And it can be easily locked by side buckles. The rotating design is also convenient to pull out fertilizer.
  • Practical Aeration System and Efficient Composting: The compost tumbler is equipped with multiple ventilated holes to promote air circulation and drainage holes to help drain excess fluid, providing fast and efficient composting. And it would take about 4-6 weeks or less in hot weather to produce fertilizer.
  • Durable Material and Stable Structure: The garden compost bin is constructed of BPA-free PP material and a rustproof metal frame, ensuring excellent weather resistance and long-lasting durability. Besides, it is supported by a triangular structure, ensuring good stability.
  • Gardening Solution: Adding a compost bin to your backyard or garden can reuse your leftovers, kitchen waste, and garden clippings while creating nutrient-rich soil for your vegetable or flower gardens. (Note: To protect the environment, chemical waste, plastic products, and paper can not be fermented.)
  • Size: 65 L (Single)
  • Colour: Black+Green
  • Material: PP, Metal
  • Overall Size: 60 x 50 x 74 cm (L x W x H)
  • Diameter of Barrel: 60 cm
  • Barrel Width: 29 cm
  • Capacity of Barrel: 65 L
  • Net Weight: 5 kg
  • Size: 130 L (Dual)
  • Color: Black+Green
  • Material: PP, Metal
  • Overall Dimensions: 68 x 60 x 74 cm (L x W x H)
  • Size of 2 Chambers: 59 x 60 x 53 cm (L x W x H)
  • Volume:130 L
  • Net Weight: 8 kg
Package Includes
  • 1 x Chamber Compost Tumbler
  • 1 x A Pair of Gloves
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
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