12 Inch Big Wheel Steam Powered Two-stroke Moped Foldable Fuel Gasoline Scooter Pedal Mini Gas Scooters


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A modified 5 l + 80 iron mailbox lock,Electric start + 250 the following is the pictures show   Gasoline and oil ratio of 25:1Accelerate the way: the CVTWeight: 22 kg.Cooling: air coolingDrive: the chainStart method: hand launchBrakes: before and after the disc brakeBefore and after the shock absorption, shock absorptionTank: 1.5 litersEach can be filled with oil run mileage: 25 to 30 kmFront and rear suspensionTop speed: 35-40 kilometersVehicle load: 100 kg The ratio of conductor distribution: pot, kitAfter the shock absorption: front suspension, shock absorberBrakes: before and after the disc brakeDrive: the chainOrigin: ChinaThe vehicle size: 1220 x350x1040 (mm) Packing size: 110 x35x47The car is very small, riding in the street to lead is very high, as a means of transport is really good!Popular in Europe and the United States of mini leisure gasoline scooters, in graduallyShanghai, shenzhen and other cities became popular, is a good tool to sports, leisure, entertainment, instead of walking.Voice is bigger, as long as you a result, 200 meters away immediatelyWould vote to envy eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!43 cc engine without the license plate, a top speed of 35 kilometers, 22 kg net weight, weight 75 kg.The car can be folded just can be placedA bed or the trunk of the taxi.Startup mode: hand (see video, still need certain skills, and the principle of the lawn mower, buy each index is normal, after the engine start. ItWe can’t help you, way too far to catch the past hand in hand to teach)Colors: red, blue, black, silverBack plate color: black, silver, red, blueOil (petrol: 2 punching oil) = (25:1) must be, otherwiseMotivation will soon scrap, we have to send special oil distribution toolCan be foldedFill up fuel tank (1.5 L can run 30 kilometers)Change the external exhaust pipe + 20 (sound size basically remain unchanged, with external exhaust pipe need to tear down the original engine with built-in muffler)Common problems consulting reply:1, q: how fast you can this car run?Answer: safe speed is 20 to 30 km/H, throttle and whether can run 40 yards2, ask: how much is the fuel consumption?A: 1.5 L tank can run about 30-35 kmBig 3, q: the engine sound?A: two of the muffler in engine maximum of about 105 db noise4, q: will the car traffic police check?Answer: generally don’t check, the regulation of every region is different, is generally more than 50 cc/or speed of more than 25 km fuel moped need to traffic department to register the registrationCharacteristics of two stroke engines:1, the motor structure is simple and easy to maintain maintenance2, light weight, big powerDon’t understand at 2 engine users consult clear order again, the factory to change the car a small upgrade without prior notice!Products sold don’t change, and will not be refunded but carNon-artificial damage to the heart of the engine is the guarantee, must be return, if you don’t like that in the case of basic does not affect sales again 7 back to deducting feesPurchase.After-sale spare parts supply guaranteed: perennial supply vehicle accessoriesProduct set and entertainment in a practical, stable quality, loved by customers, we are not perfect, but the best, you don’t need to expect perfect car car, butFully withstand all requirements for this type of car.


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12 Inch Big Wheel Steam Powered Two-stroke Moped Foldable Fuel Gasoline Scooter Pedal Mini Gas Scooters